Shrimp Specific FAQ's

What is the typical lifespan?
Key West Pink shrimp have a lifespan of approximately 13 months.

Where are Key West Pink shrimp caught?
They are harvested in the Gulf of Mexico from Tarpon Springs to Key West, Florida.

Why is the shell pink?
The shell color is indicative of the species and the environment in which they live. Key West Pink Shrimp live in the clean coral sand off the west coast of Florida which contributes to the pink shell color as well as the sweet taste.

How are Key West Pink Shrimp harvested? At night they move up into the water column to feed on phytoplankton while drifting in the current. The shrimp drift 1’ to 3’ off the ocean bottom. The shrimp nets are pulled through the water about 1’ to 2’ off the ocean bottom. The boats pull their nets over sandy white ocean bottom. Avoiding sea grass beds, corals, sponges and live rock bottom.