East Coast White Shrimp

These sweet shrimp are harvested from the northern tip of Florida through the Carolinas but are predominately caught off the coast of Georgia.  The shrimp are then shipped to our processing facility in Tampa, Florida within hours of unloading.  White Shrimp represent 80% of Georgia's seafood landings and are considered Georgia's most valuable seafood resource.  

There are usually 2 seasons associated with East Coast White shrimp: Spring (April - June) and Fall (September - December). 

Gulf White Shrimp

Gulf White Shrimp – these Gulf favorites are harvested twice a year: fall and spring from the West Florida Gulf Coast to the Eastern tip of Texas. This particular shrimp can produce a variety of sizes from 10/15 count per pound to 36/40 count per pound during various points of the season. Product is unloaded from the boats and shipped directly to Cox’s Wholesale for further processing.